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A vinyl fence is the answer for people who like things around their home or business to be as low-maintenance as possible (who doesn’t?). And if you are one of those people who likes saving money as well (who doesn’t?), then the only answer when it comes to purchasing and installing vinyl fencing is DIY Vinyl Products, which allows a homeowner or business owner the opportunity to buy vinyl fencing at wholesale prices and with no sales tax. We will deliver it directly to your front door anywhere in the continental United States.

Installing a vinyl fence means no more yearly painting jobs or frequent cleanings like a wood fence requires. Vinyl is also much stronger and more flexible than wood. That means no more splinters or cracks when a big storm hits. And it won’t rot, warp, rust or corrode.

Yes, vinyl fencing is technically plastic, but our products are made to, well, not look like plastic. We offer three colors of fencing: white, khaki and tan. These colors all are guaranteed to keep their color and not fade or wear in the elements. That’s the reason we don’t currently offer any dark colors because those are proven to fade and deteriorate faster than light colors. Unfortunately, the technology is not such yet to where we could guarantee a lifetime warranty on a dark-colored vinyl fence, so that’s the reason for the color options.

But since the color, whichever you choose, is literally part of the vinyl material, you don’t have to worry about chipping or peeling paint. And all of our products are non-toxic and safe for animals and kids because you don’t have to worry about sharp or jagged edges or any protruding nails, etc. Most of our products meet or exceed local, state and national building codes and are environmentally safe.

As far as styles, we can ship you a variety of products, from a full privacy vinyl fence to semi-private to old-fashioned picket style or even ranch. These fences are going to look no different from a fence made of wood and are used in all the same areas, from pool enclosures, property fencing, horse paddocks, decoration, etc. And a vinyl fence is much more aesthetically pleasing than a chain link fence, for example, which can be a major chore to fix, not to mention install.

A vinyl fence can cost more than a wood fence initially, but it will save you money in the long run thanks to its durability and our lifetime warranty, not to mention time saved not having to maintain it every year or repair it after every storm. In addition, you can almost negate the difference with our easy-to-assemble pre-fabricated “fence system.” It’s truly easy to install, and we include simple directions – no matter whether you are handy or not, you won’t need to hire a contractor to get this fence up.

Are you ready to make the switch to a vinyl fence or add one to your new home or business? Remember, vinyl fencing lasts longer, more than pays for itself, requires practically no maintenance and won’t damage easily or ever lose its color. It’s simply the 21st century fencing choice.

DIY Vinyl Products has been delivering quality vinyl fencing since 2001, with distribution centers all across the U.S. to ensure prompt delivery of your new fence. Get started on the fence of your dreams today! Make your vinyl fence order here on the Web site – Follow our simple step-by-step ordering process, and feel free to use our guides if you need any assistance! We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and shipping generally takes 10-15 business days. And best of all: no sales tax!