Build Your Own Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

The ranch rail fence is a classic post-and-rail system used across the country in many different functions. Whether it’s for an actual farm, for containing your pets, purely for aesthetics in your backyard, or even commercially, this attractive fencing choice works well in just about any application, making it one of the most popular fencing styles today. Our sturdy ranch rail systems can be built in 2-rail, 3-rail, 4-rail, or 5-rail arrangements, and are a great option whether your yard is spacious or cozy.

Choose from our four different post cap options – Flat, Gothic, New England Traditional, and Federation – to find the style that best works with your home. Our gates range from 3-6 feet in length, giving you the freedom to find what suits your needs.

Benefits of a Ranch Rail Fence

And our fencing systems are designed to resist anything from summer heat to winter snows. Vinyl is an ideal material for fences because:

  • It resists warping, yellowing, and sun damage.
  • There’s no need to prime it or protect it from rust.
  • It won’t rot or splinter like wood.
  • Termites are a non-issue.
  • It’s not treated with harmful or toxic chemicals.
  • It’s easily recycled, so there’s less waste.
  • It’s cheaper.

Its low-maintenance nature makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who are too busy to spend time on regular fence care. Vinyl is much stronger and more flexible than wood, making it better suited to withstand extreme weather conditions like strong wind, snow, and rain. It won’t ever need staining or painting, and our finish options of white, tan, and khaki will complement any home!

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Choose Panels

Ranch RailRanch Rail

8′ Wide Sections
Select Color & Height
Posts not included – make sure you select your posts below!


Choose Posts

Blank PostBlank Post

Blank posts can be used on any fence project as a stand alone post.

Corner PostCorner Post

Choose the number of Corner Posts for your Ranch Rail fence project.

End PostEnd Post

Choose the amount of end posts for your Ranch Rail fence.

Line PostLine Post

Choose the number of Line Posts for your Ranch Rail fence.

Three Way PostThree Way Post

A three way post lets you run your ranch fence in three separate directions.


Choose Caps


Choose your cap style and the total number of caps.


Choose Gates


Choose your gate width and quantity.