Build Your Own Picket Top Vinyl Fence

For the best of both beauty and privacy, a picket top fence is a great choice! Available in white, tan, or khaki, you will have a customized look that works perfectly with your home.

6-Foot Panels

Closed on the bottom for privacy and security but with a picket top added for charm, these 6-foot wide panels are the perfect option for any homeowner. Choose from 3-foot, 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot tall panels to suit your need and style.

A Variety of Posts

To go along with your vinyl fence panels you will need posts to connect panels for additional length, for added stability, and to change direction. Choose any combination to get a well-fitting fence line for any shaped yard.

Available posts:

  • Blank: For every fence project as a stand alone post
  • Line: A narrow post to connect two panels
  • Corner: Two-way connection for changing directions
  • Three-Way: A connection for achieving three separate directions of fence line
  • End: Finishes off your fence

Cap Styles

With a style for every taste, the caps of your DIY vinyl picket top fence will complete the look exactly how you like it.

  • Flat
  • Federation
  • New England Traditional
  • Gothic

Gates in Multiple Widths

Choose as many openings as you want in a variety of sizes from 3-foot wide to 6-foot wide and you will have a functional fence as well as attractive. You will love the way it makes your home and property stand out!

To design your own beautiful picket top vinyl fence, contact DIY Vinyl Products today!

Choose Panels

Picket TopPicket Top

6′ Wide Panels
Select Color & Height
Posts not included – make sure you select your posts below!


Choose Posts

Blank PostBlank Post

Blank posts can be used on any fence project as a stand alone post.

Corner PostCorner Post

Choose the number of Corner Posts for your Picket Top fence project.

End PostEnd Post

Choose the amount of end posts for your Picket-Top fence.

Line PostLine Post

Choose the number of Line Posts for your Picket-Top fence.

Three Way PostThree Way Post

A three way post lets you run your picket-top fence in three separate directions.


Choose Caps


Choose your cap style and the total number of caps.


Choose Gates


Choose your gate width and quantity.