DIY Vinyl Fence Installation Help

When you design and install your own vinyl fence from DIY Vinyl Products, you’re getting much more than a simple barrier – you’re getting a durable, low-maintenance, and stylish fence that provides the utmost privacy at the most affordable price. Furthermore, with a DIY vinyl fence, you can say goodbye to yearly painting jobs, frequent cleanings, and constant upkeep.

Along with easy-to-follow instructions included in your fence manual, we’re proud to offer an array of high-quality videos that help to make installation virtually effortless. From videos that cover the simple step-by-step installation process to videos answer common repair questions to videos that help you get the most out of your fence, our reliable Installation Help page is your go-to resource.

Our Installation Videos

For easy tips on how to build a vinyl fence, check out these four popular installation videos:

The beginning of a two-part series detailing Best Vinyl’s DIY installation procedures for our vinyl fence products. In this video, a friendly host helps walk you through the primary steps of installing a privacy fence after purchase. As the first of a two-video series, this video helps you lay the foundation for a durable, life-long fence by demonstrating how to do everything from identifying property lines and legal boundaries to digging post holes and pouring concrete.

After working to install secure posts around the perimeter of your fence boundary, it’s time to finish your fence by installing panels, gates, and caps. The host walks you through the remainder of the installation process to ensure your fence has the appearance, privacy, and functionality you need.

In the off-chance you need to repair or replace a section of your vinyl fence, this quick three-minute video walks you through the process in an easy-to-follow manner.  

Like all investments, maintaining the quality and integrity of your fence requires some care and basic maintenance. Various factors like weather, soil settling, expansion, and contraction, concrete heating, and loose hinge nuts can often cause your gate to shift. This three-minute video explains the quick and easy process of adjusting your gate hinges to ensure longevity and durability for the entirety of your fence’s life.

Install Your Vinyl Fence Today

From the second you begin designing your vinyl fence to the moment the last panel is installed and beyond, DIY Vinyl Products will stand by your side to offer a friendly, helping hand. Contact us today to start making your vinyl fence needs a reality.