About Us

If you are wanting to find a low-maintenance, cost effective solution to fencing your property, then a vinyl fence is the answer you are looking for. And if you are really interested in saving money, then DIY vinyl products is the best way to purchase and install your own vinyl fencing. We offer vinyl fencing with no sales tax, at wholesale prices. Just to make it easier, we also deliver to anywhere in the continental US.

Long-Lasting DIY Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl products may be made of plastic, but they certainly don’t look or show it. That’s because our products preserve their integrity through harsh weather conditions. Unlike wood, vinyl does not crack, splinter, rot, or warp. No more touch ups or faded paint, just beautiful solid fencing. The material is flexible and durable, and even though vinyl costs more than wood, it will end up saving you money when you do not have to replace, repair, or maintain it every year. Our products come in three colors: tan, khaki, and white. Our styles vary from the classic picket fence, to a full size vinyl fence. Our local, USA made products are all environmentally safe, and non toxic.

Getting Started

By choosing to install your own fence you will save time and money on labor. Our fabrication crew has years of experience and know how to make the installation process effortless. There is no need to hire a contractor, our easy-to assemble, pre-fabricated system is so straightforward, your fence will be up in no time.

On our website you will find a simple step-by-step process to order, we also offer guides should you need any assistance. Are you ready to build your own fence with DIY Vinyl Products? Click here to get started on designing the fence you have been dreaming of.