Vinyl Fence Building Success Stories

When we began our search for the right style and price of fence, we had no idea of how many manufacturers of vinyl fence there were. We e-mailed close to one dozen companies on our first night of searching. The next day we only received one e-mail back which was from Mike at D.I.Y. With just the minimal info that we provided, Mike was able to give us a price quote and a basic list of materials. As we searched further that week we only received two other e-mails back from different manufacturers and there was no price quote, they needed more info. or they would just sent more pictures of their product line. We decided to order our fence through Mike after doing two more weeks of further research. No other company could provide the prompt service, on time call backs, lowest price and best quality vinyl fence on the market. We were extremely nervous considering it was our first fence we had ever installed. We never thought we would purchase something of this size over the Internet and only have contact with the sales representative over the telephone and have the project go so smoothly. After ordering our fence, it arrived on time and with all the necessary parts. Whenever we had any questions or concerns Mike was always available to answer them. We installed the fence in only two days. People are amazed at how beautiful the fence is and how much it compliments the house and yard. We are extremely pleased with the results and would recommend DIY Vinyl Products to anyone that is considering purchasing a vinyl fence.
Chad & Laurie D.
Colchester, VT
Fence Style: Privacy I
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After seeing how great the new vinyl fence looked, and appreciating the high quality of your materials and construction, in October, I ordered enough additional materials to replace another small section of old fence between our garage and our house. Before ordering from DIY Vinyl Products, I investigated all of the all of the Internet competition as well as all of the local suppliers. Not only is your product the most attractive (all fasteners hidden and clean smooth lines) but your prices are the most competitive, even with shipping costs included. After talking to some of the local suppliers that knew very little or nothing about what they were selling, ordering from you was refreshingly simple and easy.
Paul R.
Bloomington, MN
Fence Style: Privacy I
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I wanted to thank you for the service that DIY provided me. I replaced the existing wood fence in my yard with the Tan Winchester Four Rail fence and I could not be more pleased with the results. I searched all the internet sites and retail outlets before making my purchase with DIY. No other wholesaler or retail store was willing to provide me with the level of customer service that you did. The price was more competitive than the others and the customer service excelled. All I did was provide you with the dimensions of the yard, you provided me with the material lists/price, and the fence was shipped to my front door. Wow! If I would have purchased somewhere else I would have had to figure out everything on my own, pick up the fence myself, and pay retail prices. And I forgot, installation took one day. I will definately refer DIY to anyone looking to install a maintenance free fence. I attached some pictures for you to look at. Thanks Again!
Avery Z.
St. Cloud, MN
Fence Style: 4-Rail Ranch
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Very easy to install and the wife even helped while I kicked it by the pool.
Robert L.
Riverside, CA
Fence Style: Privacy I
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Hope you like the way my back yard looks now.
DIY Customer
Dallas, TX
Fence Style: Privacy I w/Lattice Tope and Picket I
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Looks great.
Cathy H.
Bend, OR
Fence Style: Privacy II (tan)
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Turned out good.
Jay P.
New Tripoli, PA
Fence Style: Privacy I (tan)
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I love the fence, very easy to install and looks wonderful. We are the rave of the neighborhood. Although we don't have that many neighbors out here, the ones that are here really like the looks of it. Again thanks for helping us out with this thing.
Dick E.
Morrow, OH
Fence Style: Pool I
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The fence is in, and it looks GREAT. Several neighbors have commented on how good it looks. There is a wooden ranch fence that borders many of the properties in the development that you will also see in the pictures. There are many folks here that are tired of the constant repair and upkeep, and talk about switching to vinyl. Again thanks for the help.
Tom K.
Hernando, FL
Fence Style: 3-Rail Ranch
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Thanks again for your help with my fence order. I have attached a copy of the finished job...not bad for a first time fence installation! The quality of the product was outstanding and it really looks great. I strongly recommend the use of the fast set concrete where you pour it in the holes dry and just add water... a real time saver. I followed the instructions on your website and the installation is rock solid. Thanks again for your assistance!
Tom B.
Bethel Park, PA
Fence Style: Picket IV
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Thanks for all your help. I finally finished our fence project around the pool after a long stretch of bad weather. Other than a couple instances of pilot error, it went off without a hitch. As promised, attached is a picture of the completed work. It's looks great!
Rod H.
St. Johnsk, MI
Fence Style: Privacy I w/Lattice Top
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Thought you would enjoy seeing the finished product. Thanks for all your help.
Bob & Sheila W.
Newton, NJ
Fence Style: Pool II
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Just a note to let you know all the parts were delivered in good shape and nothing was missing. I am totally satisfied with my purchase from you. It's a good looking fence and as I previously stated, It's the best one I looked into. I also wish to say that it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Thanks You.

William & Elaine M.
Florence, OR
Fence Style: Picket I
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The fence installed very easily and looks great. We are very pleased with the look and the quality. So much so that we are going to order vinyl privacy fencing from you as soon as the pool project is complete.

Thanks for your help.

Paul M.
Deerfield Beach, MI
Fence Style: None

We got our fence up and really like it. It was easy to install and looks very nice. The shipment came right on time and the trucking company was really good. The directions for installing the fence were clear too.

Thank you for doing a good job on my order and we will pass your name on to others.

Gary G.
Tuscon, AZ
Fence Style: None

Here are a few shots of the fence. Given the dimensions and my own limitations with the camera, I haven't been able to capture a fuller view, but these should give you an idea of how nice it looks. (You'll also see Gizmo, our tiny dog!)
Maria M.
Champaign, IL
Fence Style:

We did have a wooden picket fence prior to this but I wasn't about to do the old repair and repaint routine this year. I was really impressed with the Customer Service that I received from the two of you!! The local suppliers were not even close to providing the service and/or assistance needed to complete this job. Not only did I get the right amount of material, but no one else even bothered to ask about end posts, blanks or even the number of corner posts needed!! The fence installation was very straight forward and the various neighbors that stopped by couldn't believe how fast it went up.

Again, thanks for all the help that you provided and I will do my part to tell people about the AWESOME customer service and product that I got from DIY Vinyl Products!! Thanks

Brad M.
Charles City, IA
Fence Style: