Frequently Asked Questions


  Where are you located?

  What is your Freight and Shipping policy?

  What is your Refunds and Returns policy?

  What is your Privacy Policy?

Ordering & Shipping

  How do I place an order?

  How do I receive a quote?

  Do I have to pay Sales Tax?


  How is your fence installed?


  What is your vinyl fence made of?

  How is your fence manufactured?


  What are the available colors?

  Why doesn't your product come in dark colors?

  Do I have to use the post caps shown in your photos?

  Does it look like wood?


  Is it safe and durable for everyday use?

  Do your products meet safety and building codes?

  Is your product environmentally safe? Does it have lead in it?

  Is it safe for horses?


  Is it strong?

  Is it heavy?

  Will it burn?

  Will it turn yellow?

  Will it crack?

  How can it be cleaned?

  Will it mildew?

  Can I paint it?


  Do your products come with a warranty?

  Is your product more expensive than wood?


  What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

  What is Titanium Dioxide?

  What are Impact modifiers?

  What is Coextrusion?

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